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eyeQ is a Swiss technology company, offering a full range of customized technology products, solutions and services. We deliver total solutions in the field of analytical and process control technology. Along with multifaceted services provision, our comprehensive business encompasses the development, manufacture, sales and maintenance of the cutting-edge, high-quality products that make these services possible. At eyeQ Instruments AG, we take an innovation-led approach to business, application services and support that makes use of newest technology and software-solutions. By migrating your applications to a customized solution, we combine your application with modern technology and software. We understand that business applications must be deployed and upgraded quickly, efficiently, securely and cost effectively, and will work closely with you to create a solution that delivers measurable business benefits.Our end-to-end service portfolio incorporates every element from application development and integration through to application management and outsourcing. 


  • Thursday, 10.06.2021 Experience in The Use of Micro-CT in Insect Research Experiences in The Use of Micro-CT in Insect Research
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  • Thursday, 16.01.2020 Webinar Invitation Micro-CT in 3D Data Integration and (Clinical) Workflows for Digital Orthodontics
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  • Friday, 27.09.2019 Zebrafish Imaging Using Preclinical MRI and microCT Listen to researchers from the Max-Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research talk about their work optimizing the analysis of adult zebrafish cardiac function using MRI and heart morphology with microCT.
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  • Tuesday, 17.09.2019 microCT Academy 2019 issue 4 Bruker microCT news
    Volume 6, Issue 4
    August 2019
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