Niche Developments

The "standard solution" is not always to be found on the market. We are specialized in combining the optimal technical solution into a customized instrument. Our cooperation with Universities and Colleges ensures our access to the latest technologies. Our customer receives the solution tailored to his requirements in hardware as well as software. Our performance begins with the technical clarificationof a solution in close cooperation with the customer. We have implemented a structured development process that ensures transparent and targeted implementation. This development process includes milestones and gate reviews. Thus, the process is clearly and structurally documented from the idea through to the prototype to the transfer to series production. We implement developments in the regulated environment with the V-Model method, including the required documentation.

Our service include:
  •     market surveys
  •     Project management e.g. Preparation of specifications specification
  •     Hard and software development
  •     electronic development
  •     Construction (Solidworks)
  •     Fast prototyping
  •     Prototyping Creation to serial production
 Software development
  •         Automation technology (process technology / process visualization / image processing)
  •         Realtime and embedded systems
  •         PC / Internet / Apps / Databases
Experiences in regulated environment (GAMP / FDA)
  •     Pharmaceutical Industry
  •     Medical
  •     food industry .....