Low dose and quantitative total body PET/CT for preclinical imaging

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Mittwoch, 10.07.2019

In this webinar, Dr. Ali Asgar Attarwala, Nuclear Molecular Imaging Scientist at Bruker Biospin and a Medical Physicist by qualification, will give insights into the effects of ionising radiation on study animals and how the resultant biological effect can influence the integrity of the research outcomes. In effect, he will present a new preclinical PET/CT system with design features which make it suitable for small animal low-dose imaging. The CT subsystem uses an X-Ray source power that is optimized for small animal imaging and a PET subsystem with a sensitivity of 9% (NEMA) that can be leveraged for use of low tracer doses and performing rapid scans. This combination has enabled total-body mouse PET/CT studies to be completed with absorbed doses of below 10 mGy.
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