High-End Software for CT Data

VGSTUDIO MAX is the high-end software for the analysis and visualization of industrial computed tomography (CT) data. Innovative companies not only use VGSTUDIO MAX in non-destructive testing, but also increasingly integrate it into their future-oriented development and production solutions.

Areas of Application

Working with VGSTUDIO MAX

  • Determine surfaces with subvoxel accuracy for the highest precision and smallest details (Coordinate Measurement Module).
  • Work natively with voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data.
  • Import native CAD files for analyses and segmentation tasks (CAD Import Module).
  • Use additional part information from PMI data for efficient measurement plan creation (CAD Import with PMI Module).
  • Quickly segment volume data sets into individual parts or regions.
  • Easily ‘unroll’ cylindrical objects, flatten bent surfaces, and combine consecutive slices.
  • Combine analyses, e.g., to classify a defect according to its size in relation to the local wall thickness.


  • Optimized for modern hardware with SSD and SSD RAID storage and multiple GPUs
  • Unload/reload data function for gray values: Work with high-resolution CT data sets on less powerful PCs and easily transfer these projects. Gray-value-based analysis results are reserved.