Development of a new product or process can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. μCT can accelerate time-to-market by providing immediate feedback on a product’s internal structure, identifying discrepancies between the expected result and the actual outcome. μCT provides insight into key factors such as compressive force, vacuum strength, mixing ratio, and much more.

Tablet Compaction Density Calculate percent porosity, pore size, and pore size distribution for whole tablets.
Micro-cracking Identify stress induced microcracks in tablets and bilayer products.
Distribution of Active Ingredients Determine total volume and percent volume of active ingredients.
In-situ Testing of Compression Perform in-situ compression for dynamic testing of mechanical properties.
Coating Thickness Assess coating thickness uniformity


Coating analysis of a tablet Inside Capsule Tablet visualizing internal cracks


Technische Daten

SKYSCAN 1272 – Voxel size 3 μm